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Main » 2009 » October » 12 » RawrGunz Movie Contest!
RawrGunz Movie Contest!
6:31 PM
We have decided to make a movie contest, details below;
How to enter:
~ Make a RawrGunz trailer / movie and upload it to youtube (put in the description please!)
~ Movies must be at least 2 minuets long and show how fun RawrGunz is!
~ Once you are done pm me with the address of the movie and I will check it and then add it into this topic.

We will then put a poll on the forums to see which one the community likes the most.

The winning Movie will replace the old one on (And will get 1000's of views)
Also the creator of the winning movie will recieve a free coloured name ingame (If they have not already got one), the event water pistol, Donator ammo, and maybe something else, I have not decided on what that might be yet.

The deadline to send them to me is the end of this month, that gives you up to 18 days.

Good luck!
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