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Clan war tornament
New Clan War Tournament Rules 
Time & Date: Clan War Tournament will take place every Saturday at 7PM. (GMT Time), Please try to be ready by 8:30.
If you have any needs such as making a Clan then contact one of the Event/CWT managers

Rules :
• You must whisper G_man with your clan name to register your Clan to  participate in the Cw

<div>• If a Clan does not turn up for their Cw, they will have 3-5 mins to turn up and then disqualified.

• Clan War will be fought in 2vs 2 TDM Mode, the host of your match will choose the map randomly as done on ijji.

• The first clan to win 4 rounds will move on to the next round of the tournament

• Med Kits, Repair Kits, Mines and elements are all forbidden, however other special equipment such as Flash Bangs,Grenades etc. are allowed.

• If a player disconnects due to internet problems he or she will be given 5 minutes to rejoin the game. Upon the players return, the round will continue 1 vs 2, unless the opposing team agrees to restart the match.

Only the winning clan of the Rawrgunz Clan War Tournament will receive prizes. 
The winning clan's 2 participants will receive... 

• 1 Event Item and a exclusive Cw coat (If they do not have one already)

The members of the winning clan will not receive anything as this rule has now been changed due to people moving clans after CWT is over just because of items.

If you have any questions about the  Clan War Tournament, contact G_man in game.

Points will always be awarded to update your Clan rankings
Clans eliminated in the first round will be awarded 1 point. Clans eliminated in the second round will be awarded 2 points

• The 2 clans eliminated from the semi finals will be awarded 3 points

• The clan which loses The Finals will receive 5 points

• The winning clan of the Clan War Tornament will get 10 points

Category: My articles | Added by: G_man (2009-06-03)
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4 SNSDxSnow  
1 event a week sux lol biggrin

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3 Splash  
The clan war server works surprised But CWT is a clan war tourney. You can win an clan war coat in it if you win the tourney .

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2 Nigger  
Can we just turn on the clan war server..... because what if i cant make it to the tourny thats stupid.... and the no med kit idea is stupid too. Do what ijji does, all items provided by Rawr Gunz is permitted.

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1 Chaos  
Can we not have Event at 11:30 & can we have H & S & LMS Events sad

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